How to Lose Man Boobs

 The day you realize you have to figure out the BEST way to get rid of man boobs

Let’s face it… getting man boobs will make you feel unattractive. Every man knows the best way to attract a woman is by being confident, but how can you be confident if you have a low self-esteem because of your man boobs.

How you get Man Boobs:

  • Not controling your diet
  • Not exercising enough
  • Medical Condition

But who has time to track calories and go to the gym regularly… statistically only 25% of the male population. We all know that number didn’t surprise us.

Before we dig into how to lose man breast lets go over what they really are…

Best Way to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Mans guide

Unfortunately, you can’t choose where your body is going to shed fat. So the best way to lose man boobs is to reduce your fat overall. They are two reasons men end up having to figure out how to loose man boobs.

The first reason comes from not maintaining your diet and not exercising, causing you to be overweight.  As I said before, who has time to track calories and go to the gym…

The second reason is due to a medical condition. The condition is called gynecomastia, a hormonal condition in which your body produces an increased amount of estrogen & a decreased amount of testosterone.

This condition has often been the result of taking different medications that influenced your body’s hormonal levels.

Whether you have male breast from not dieting & exercising or from a medical condition, you have two treatment options.

There are Two Treatment Options:

Treatment# 1:

Types if Gynecomastia

Your first option is surgery… but what is gynecomastia surgery?

The surgery will reposition and resize your areola to reduce the excess skin, plastic surgery to correct gynecomastia is technically called reduction mammaplasty.

Surgery is an option for how to get rid of man breasts fast, but it’s not for everyone….

The average cost of the surgery is around $3000. However, that price does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities, or any other related expenses.

Since this option is not in everyone’s budget let’s go over your second option to find out how to lose moobs.

Treatment# 2:

male breast reduction pills

Your second option is non-prescription breast reduction pills for men, much cheaper and less invasive than surgery.

I’m sure you’re aware that many companies present false claims about their products, which is why I spent hours searching the web to find the best and most legit product on the market today.

From my online research, I was able to pull the top three breast reduction supplements for men when searching how to get rid of moobs.

How to Lose Man Breast

#3: Gynexin


This male breast reduction product claims to be the only effective treatment for men who suffer from Gynecomastia.

This product uses an herbal formula to target tissue in the male memory glands and attack fat at the cellular level.

It’s basically a fat burner that targets the fatty tissue around your breast. So why did this product make the bottom of my list?

Two main points of concern I should point out…

  1. The product reviews on Amazon were really bad. They claim this product was a waste of money and didn’t do anything to reduce their breast size. Out of all the reviews, 66% of consumers gave this product a one star review. The rest of the consumers gave this product a review between two and three stars.
  2. For a 30 day supply it will cost you $130.

I don’t know about you… but between the percentage of negative reviews and the cost of this product I wasn’t sold. If you want to see the reviews yourself click here.

#2: GyneMax


This product is a weight loss supplement that removes fat in specific areas of your body. It contains all-natural ingredients like cocoa extract, vitamin B complex, green tea leaf extract, and ATP to boost your metabolism.

This was sounding good until my research halted to a stop I could not find any sufficient evidence that proved that this product targets the fatty tissue around a males breast.

I’m also skeptical to buy any supplements that are sold on Amazon, to me a legit company would not allow just anyone to sell their product on any large e-commerce sites. I love Amazon and purchase many items on their weekly, I’m even an Amazon prime member. However, there is no way to trust that a supplement you ordered is the real thing.

On top of it being sold on Amazon, all the reviews were one star and claimed the product did not work and it was a waste of money.

Thankfully, the top product on my list to figure out the best way to get rid of man boobs checked off all my boxes and is not sold on Amazon.

#1: Gycentrol


This product is newer but has already generated quite a lot of buzz, and positive buzz at that.

This product is a food supplement designed for weight loss by the burning of fatty tissue. When used regularly, Gycentrol will eliminate the fatty tissue specifically around your chest area.

It contains all-natural ingredients that will reduce your chest size without any negative side effects.

These all-natural ingredients will also increase your metabolism while increasing lipolysis… they work together to create a powerful fat burner because of the way they are blended together. This formula is said to be the most potent male breast reduction supplement available today.

After reading all the positive reviews as well as what the company has to offer, I decided that this product was the number one option.

The company offers a free 30 day supply when you buy a 60 day supply, so basically by two bottles and get one bottle free. The price per bottle is also the cheapest of any other products on the market today. They even offer free shipping in the US and UK as well as the deliver worldwide to over 100 countries.

You can find out more about the number one choice, or claim your free 30 day supply by clicking the link below and going to the companies official website.

Still Not Convinced? Click Here to Find Out More!